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Coll. Besnardeau Montherlant Boys Drawing Original Mac Avoy Signed! Gay

Coll. Besnardeau Montherlant Boys Drawing Original Mac Avoy Signed! Gay

Coll. Besnardeau Montherlant Boys Drawing Original Mac Avoy Signed! Gay    Coll. Besnardeau Montherlant Boys Drawing Original Mac Avoy Signed! Gay

Jean Cocteau & bourret madeleine. Young man, André Besnardeau became a household of 36 of the montpensier Street (near the palace). And it's the early 50s until the death of Jean Cocteau in 1963.

There are many and tied friendships with often present personalities and artists in these places. Gerard Economos, jean harold Edouard Dermit jeans marshes, etc .. as well as many writers, actors or actresses. He became the largest protected madeleine bourret, \Housekeeper cocteau devoted to jeans from 1949 to 1963, and by passing all the requests from the master. André Besnardeau remained very close to Madeleine, and took care of her until the end of his days. andre Jean Cocteau lived with his companion pounds (more than 50 years together), it remained attached above all to the entertainment world (theater, song and film). Many theater programs (often signed by the actors) and contemporary photographs of stars found in his collection attest. A mentor and great friend of André Jacques was Besnardeau of Herville, film actor and theater (for Sacha guitry among others) and very active as a co-director or manager animator? It was he who introduced the young provincial e. Artistic and 50s and who probably introduced him to Jean Cocteau. And perhaps before jean Cocteau himself, as well as objects and books that belonged to Jacques to Herville. Finally, much of the personal collection of André Besnardeau.

Books, pictures & other documentation .. many artifacts, documents, photographs, drawings or paintings, autographed books or programs.

Henry montherlant, also known as montherlant, his full name Henry Marie Joseph Frederic expedite millon montherlant, born April 20, 1895 in Paris, died September 21, 1972 in the same city, is a novelist, essayist, playwright and French academician . Edward george mac Avoy born January 25, 1905 to caudéran (burgundy). And died on 26 September 1991 in Saint-Tropez is a painter-artist and portraitist French. He made his study in Switzerland until his baccalaureate.

He feels an artistic vocation and hesitates between theater and painting. Having chosen the latter, he entered the academy julian to 18 and follows the teaching of it. In Paris, he frequented the house of Felix vallotton and met Bonnard and Vuillard. Friend of henry montherlant, it illustrates several deluxe editions of this author, the morning crew in 1952, the city whose prince is a child in 1961, boys in 1973. The boys is a novel henry appeared montherlant in April 1969 the gallimard editions.

It follows the play city whose prince is a child played for the first time in 1953. The novel is part of the literary trilogy about alban Bricoule recurring fictional character in Luvre of montherlant. It is thus preceded the dream (1922) and bestiaries (1926).

Henry montherlant is based largely on his own past to write the novel, including the plot initiated in 1914 with Serge Sandrier (published in 1948) and the city of which the prince is a child published a few years later and the Remember removal from holy cross College in March 1913 having had an affair with another student, philippe Giquel. He began writing the boys more than forty years after the publication of bestiaries second novel about the character of Alban Bricoule.

The novel narrates not only the result of his career but also incorporates characters from the city whose prince is a child. As the abbot of prats. At Neuilly, a few months before the First World War, in a religious school where there is a curious atmosphere of Alban Bricoule student in philosophy class, attempting a reform based on mutual aid of the greatest to the young.

Nevertheless, the project eventually fail. Driven by jealousy, the abbot of prats, one of the institution's leaders, gets forwarding Alban. To the despair of the abbot, the top then returns Souplier, protégé of the abbot. A new superior of the college, named after replacing the one that sent Alban and Souplier, decided to reform the functioning of the institution of education, so much so that the college. The first edition was that published by Gallimard in the white collection in 1969. This edition was redacted by the author himself: very short summaries of failure are given in the margin. A complete edition was born in a deluxe version, illustrated by mac-Avoy in 1973. First edition of the full text, limited edition of 3150 numbered copies on fine. Laid paper cloth cream lana stationery (paper only). With in-4 (about 29x22cm), 549pp. As appeared, paperback, soft blanket tucked salmon color, printed in black. Good condition, clean, two small tears on the cover to the covers and back without large gaps. Friction and minor dirt on the case, solid and well preserved otherwise. With a dedication signed by the illustrator and a.

Beautiful original drawing in pencil double-page. On half-title page and cover sheet next. Book in very good condition inside, clean and fresh, with no foxing. Some very minor creases on sheets of banks in the beginning of the book.

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    Coll. Besnardeau Montherlant Boys Drawing Original Mac Avoy Signed! Gay    Coll. Besnardeau Montherlant Boys Drawing Original Mac Avoy Signed! Gay