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Drawing Press Bdmarcel Thierry Art Deco Original Paint Ship Freedom 1946

Drawing Press Bdmarcel Thierry Art Deco Original Paint Ship Freedom 1946

Drawing Press Bdmarcel Thierry Art Deco Original Paint Ship Freedom 1946    Drawing Press Bdmarcel Thierry Art Deco Original Paint Ship Freedom 1946

The visual (many photographs) are at the bottom of the page, after the description !! many various original drawings, watercolors and original watercolors, original models of magazine covers, etc ... From the archives marcel thierry also signed m.

Journal of trips and adventures land, sea, air. (6th series, 148 issues published between 1946 and 1949). Layout and original composition in gouache for the number 27 of 08/29/1946 \ship \After World War II, the ship was sold as war damage to transatlantic general Company to replace the loss of Normandy. He becomes the \Its sister ship the Bremen.

Artwork on paper drawing thick - good condition, very properly preserved various frictions on edges and corners, creases, stains or spots usual back (drawing used in printing) back slightly yellowed as always, traces of paper, various inscriptions pencil etc ... Footer sheet size: about 31,9x22,4cm - single document!

Weekly Journal of travel and adventure, founded by Charles Lucian loonie July 1, 1875 in Paris. This periodical is then absorbed in July 1877 by a new management team.

The newspaper travel and land and sea adventures benefits from the experience as an editor decaux who had taken the money his friend and partner François polo, creator among other Leclipse, an illustrated satirical newspaper disappeared a year early. Dreyfous and decaux redeem the title of loonie, which had difficulties. For its part, Dreyfous has published many popular books; he is friends with Emile Zola and Gustave Flaubert; Above all, he has contacts in London and manages, among others, to retrieve the travel diaries of explorer Henry Morton Stanley who had discovered the source of the river Congo it publishes a new collection, the 'library' adventure and travel, \Armand desired montgrédien is appointed manager. Delivered on Sunday to target families, Periodicals therefore has a dual leadership, the Paris office located at two addresses: the illustrated bookstore, 7 rue du croissant, and m bookstore.

It sold 15 cents for 16 pages in folio in black and white. The first formula will last twenty years.

Among the first collaborators, there is a big Jules, who has no equal to transform messy notes some travelers tales removed. Member of the Geographical Society, he left one day the newspaper, won the gold fever, and goes to found the Republic of Counani a territory north of Brazil, and it soon proclaimed \President \The newspaper travel quickly found its audience: his only serious competitor is around the world, newspaper travel and travelers published by Hachette.

If decaux back to the newspaper a number of illustrators, Dreyfous convinced to work the designer Albert Robida, he was also the first editor. A novelist is particularly noticed by the public: Louis Henri Boussenard. The illustrated library, which moved at 8 rue Saint-Joseph, significantly expands its funds; decaux montgrédien and engage in publishing other periodicals like science illustrated from 1887 reflecting some of the writers and illustrators of the newspaper.

Robida is entrusted to the new series of the comic world, sort of humorous illustrated supplement of 6 pages. Its shares are redeemed in 1894 by Charles and jules tallandier brothers who enter the capital of the illustrated bookstore alongside montgrédien while Dreyfous remains at first the director. A new series was born, now delivered on Thursday instead of Sunday, including a first color page after the title merged with three former periodicals on sea and land, illustrated magazine Travel (1889), the world picturesque and monumental and illustrated earth, the latter becoming a newspaper supplement. In 1900 tallandier takes control of the group and appoints the director leon geographer Dewez.

The travel diary becomes a major player in this area, which focuses this time almost all the newspapers and printers. After the launch of a new model in 1909, the newspaper is at its peak when a new competitor a blow to newspaper sales, it is the fearless edited by the Parisian publishing that targets young adults. A few years earlier, the magazine I know everything already had captured part of the adult readership by providing \The arrival of photography in press editions running slowly kills the element of mystery that was the charm of the travel diary where designers and engravers still have the spotlight.

One year after the start of the First World War and still sold 15 cents, the travel newspaper suspends publication, after devoting his few military stories. Relaunched February 26, 1920, the formula stops 13 October 1921. Moreux propelled Scientific Director and Teramond guy, literary director, the latter being an extremely prolific novelist who disdains the fantasy genre and science fiction.

The first number tells his readers \Competition with science and travel, gives tallandier operating license to the publisher Gaston doin that will keep until April 1925. Appearing irregularly Title between dormant in 1938. A cover four-color, two-color pages, target is the young audience. The weekly is slowly being gradually by the values ​​of Scouting, subtitling \The title goes to the end of 1949.

Below, final state of the cover, as published. The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

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    Drawing Press Bdmarcel Thierry Art Deco Original Paint Ship Freedom 1946    Drawing Press Bdmarcel Thierry Art Deco Original Paint Ship Freedom 1946