Drawing Scanned Original

Genre > Académisme

  • Auguste Berthon Drawing Pastel Painting Charles Chaplin Woman Girl Portrait
  • Drawing Ink Original Scene Illustration Couple Francisque Poulbot (1879-1946)
  • Arthur Chaplin Drawing Watercolor Painting Still Life Flowers Bouquet Spring
  • Gouache Painting Drawing Original Yvette Briclot-baudry Girl Pensive Ybb6
  • # 1 Beautiful And Former Drawing Academic 19th Signed Nu Men Man Male Nude
  • Original Design By Jules Cheret (1836-1932) Dancer In The Range 1900 Jch4
  • Gold Gustave Signed Monograme Robbers More Attribution To The Rear Of The Drawing
  • Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier Design Suit Man Louis Xv Chenonceau Castle
  • Albert Gouget - Charcoal Pastel - The Port Of La Rochelle Moonlight
  • Henri Edmond Cross (1856 1910)
  • Original Design By Jules Cheret (1836-1932) Female Nude Charcoal 1900 Jch2
  • Assigned Alexandre Marie Colin Officer Portrait Drawing Napoleon Iii Table
  • Academy Man Dated 1824 Eugene Rigaud (1806-1881) Former Drawing
  • Drawing Watercolor Female Painter Painting Atelier Parisien Paris 1900
  • Eva Ressan Military Watercolor Drawing Table Militaria Hussars Empire Rider