Drawing Scanned Original

Thème > Animaux

  • Jonny Audy (1844-1882) Original Watercolor Jumper Horse Watercolor
  • George Frederic Rötig Watercolor Drawing Table Boar Hunting Forest Landscape
  • Famous Horse Race Watercolor Xix Signed Grand Prix Paris Chantilly
  • Cornelius (cobra Movement) Drawing Original. Felt And Pen. Signed Dedicated
  • Charles Jacque Drawing Barbizon Animal Art School Study Table Duck Hunting
  • Drawing Original Old Nineteenth Century Animals, Sheep, Fields
  • Baron François Gérard Drawing Ink Horse Stallion Portrait Besancon Romanticism
  • Teulon Pierre (born 1930) Drawing Surrealism Cats Graphite Signed
  • Drawing Original Pencil Signed Former Xviii Sheep, Animals
  • Auguste Paul Jouve Animal Drawing Table Symbolist Art Deco Monkey Montmartre
  • Jean Francois Millet Cows In The Campaign Drawing Pencil, Paper Signed
  • Old Time Ink Watercolor Fauvism Cubism Signed Cat Study
  • Raymond Bigot 1872-1953 Pastel Painter Norman Group Of Pheasants
  • Henriot Yvonne Giraud Drawing Tiger Panther Art Deco Animal Beast Lion Lioness