Drawing Scanned Original

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  • Jeanne Philiberte Ledoux (1767-1840) Reading Original 18th Former Drawing
  • Pascin Drawing Black Ink For Engraving 3 Little Girls In The Street 1925
  • Germaine Engraving Drawing Bouret 1936 Stories Of Women Shoes Finoki N3852
  • Fun Drawing Original Wine Regions Vine Wine Maurice Radiguet 1900
  • Alice Smith Watercolor Drawing Troubadour Romantic Table Inside Church Art
  • Jozef Israëls (1824-1911) Original -drawing The Black Ink Pen S / Paper Signed
  • Alice Smith Romantic Painting Watercolor Drawing Romanticism Inner Castle Art
  • Brown Ink Drawing Pascin Cuba Around 1917
  • Claude Weisbuch (born 1927) Character Xiiièm- Drawing Original Certificate
  • Drawing Original Aristides Rechain ​​couple Car Automobile 1920 Argentina
  • Felt Pen 1957 Chips To Furl Signed And Framed
  • Yves Brayer (1907-1990) Indian Ink. Saintes Maries De La Mer. Gypsies
  • The Paris Bourse Original Drawing Gouache Weiluc 1900 Balloon
  • Drawing Gouache Old Jacqueline Brisgand Folk Dance Dance 1933
  • Drawing Of Beautiful Vintage Art Deco, The Parrot Elegant, Ds Taste Louis Icart
  • Beautiful Drawing Russian School, Lead Mine From Charcoal Chalk Sign 1892
  • Grand Old Charcoal Drawing Children Peasants Louis Carrier-belleuse (1848-1913)
  • Adele Steiner (1887-1981) Original Drawing Dancing Women Period Steinlen Poland